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Tennis Training: The Burpee 300

Huge tennis training challenge for you today… it’s called the Burpee 300. It’s a super simple – no thinking required – tennis conditioning workout. If you’re like me and just like intense training without having to think about “what’s next?”, then you’re going to LOVE this workout.

Here are the guidelines. You’ll start at #1, and complete the prescribed # of reps or time, and immediately move to #2. You’ll continue until you’ve completed each exercise 5 times each.

That’s 1 Set. Rest 2 minutes, and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

The Burpee 300

The Burpee 300

Here’s Your Challenge:

1. Burpee x 20 reps
2. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
3. Burpee x 20 reps
4. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
5. Burpee x 20 reps
6. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
7. Burpee x 20 reps
8. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
9. Burpee x 20 reps
10. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds

When you have completed this workout, you will have performed 2 1/2  minutes of jumping rope, and a total of 300 repetitions of the Burpee. The Challenge is to see how FAST you can complete this 300 Workout.

Video Demonstrations can be viewed here (opens in a new window):


Jump Rope

Once you’ve completed the Burpee 300, leave a comment below and let us know how you did!

Talk Soon!


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Tennis Training – Backhand Muscle Focus + Anaerobic Conditioning

Here’s a Killer workout for you containing exercises that focus on
the muscles responsible for firing during both a one handed and two handed backhand.

On top of focusing on the backhand muscles, this is a great overall conditioning workout to work on your anaerobic threshold (read: decreases recovery time between intense points)

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The Workout
1. Reverse Fly x 20
2. Box Jumps x 25
3. Wide Grip Seated Row x 15
4. close Grip Pushups x 20
5. Jumping Lunges x 15 each leg
6. Inverted Row x 15

How to do it. Complete workout in circuit fashion. Start with exercise #1, complete the prescribed reps. Immediately move to exercise #2 without rest. Continue without rest through exercise #6.

This is 1 Set

Rest 2 minutes, and repeat for a total of 4-6 sets.

Exercise Demonstrations – Click to see video demo of the exercise

Reverse Fly

Box Jumps

wide Grip seated row

close grip pushups

jumping lunges

Inverted Row

And don’t forget:

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The Cure for Tennis & Golfers Elbow (Medial & Lateral Epicondylitis)

Here’s an email I got in just the other day from Larry about his golfer’s elbow pain. What worked, what didn’t, and what he considers the most stupid idea ever about helping his elbow pain.


Hi Todd,

Just in case you were serious about wanting to hear about progress with my elbow using your method, I thought I’d write…

First some background… I’m a swimmer… and a rower… I have MEDIAL epicondylitis in both elbows… I’ve had it in the left elbow the worst (although the right elbow is the worst right now) and that started sometime in the summer of 1990… I remember pulling myself out of the pool August 2nd of 1990… stayed out of the water for about six months and then when I finally got back in, it wasn’t any better… the right elbow has been troubling (but much less so) for a long time but about a year ago it completely went wild … and so I’ve been out of the water again since then…

In the course of trying to fix both elbows, over time I’ve tried:

– Rest
– Ice
– Various anti-inflammatories
– Massage
– Various forearm bands
– Physical therapy
– Stretching

And most recently… and stupidest… cortisone

None of these worked… well the cortisone worked but only for a  few weeks.  The reason I say stupidest was cuz I have no experience with cortisone and didn’t quite understand that it was masking the pain… I thought it was acting as a topical anti-inflammatory.

After a couple weeks, the pain rushed back on me way worse than before… of course because there wasn’t much pain I had been way over using the arm… so that made it much worse… so  cross cortisone off my list of things to try.

Out of desperation I consulted the internet one last time… recognized the postings of a blogger from another swimmer’s (golfer’s) elbow sufferer who has tried more stuff than I have… read his updates since the last time… and there was a link to your site… so what the Hell, I followed the link… read through your material… and ended up buying
your package… then began to diligently apply your methods…


After less than a week… What a difference!…

it’s been almost a week that I’ve been doing the exercises and while I’m notsaying the pain is gone… it is really reduced.  I still don’t dare get back in the water… or back out in a rowing shell… but I am daring to think that I might again someday… I really do miss both of these activities.

I’ve been doing the exercises three times a day… and the stretches about two times… I know that the improvement will be gradual… but now I’m getting all excited that maybe I can get things back to normal so it’s getting hard to wait… feeling very impatient… gotta work on that… been a medial epicondylitis sufferer for over 20 years…

it’s not just gonna go away over night… but still… I want it to.

Not sure why I’m writing… I guess cuz you asked how I was doing…

and also to express my gratitude to you for discovering this … and I’m further grateful to you for not keeping it to yourself.

All for now… I’ll let you know how I’m progressing…

Very warm and grateful regards,



Larry used This program, and if you’ve got elbow pain, you can get your hands on it for free, right here for a limited time:

Tennis & Golfers Elbow Cure – Program Details

til next time,

Todd Scott