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High Bouncing Kick Serve

Below is a video from around 2007  that I found on my hard drive last week. I was mainly just goofing off, because I never really intended to show anyone these clips – so hopefully the angle isn’t too bad. You may be able to notice that I get a pretty high kick, which is […]


Highest Kick Serve Ever?

Highest Kick Serve Ever? Check out this video, I found it when I was browsing around on youtube the other day. This guy has one hell of a kick on this serve… the ball looks to kick up about 7-8 feet! But is it real? I mean, I know it’s actually real, but do you […]


Roddick-Like Power for your Tennis Serve

Crushing Serves at 100+ mph is easy if we have the strength, the power, and the technique to pull it off. For advanced club players, there is only so much we can do to work on technique to add extra pop to our serve – short of breaking down a video analysis of our serving […]


Tennis Serve Tips for a More Consistent & Powerful Serve

I found this cool video on youtube and thought you might like it, because Jeff, through one of his students, demonstrates a common mistake most folks make during the serving motion and how to fix it. Plus, he gives you a unique drill to help you hit more powerful & consistent serves in just a […]


Now Accepting New Applications for the Tennis Protégé Club [FOR A LIMITED TIME]

You guys are AWESOME! Thanks so much for leaving a comment  the other day about which forehand grip is your favorite. We’ve got over 55 comments so far, and some good questions to go along with it. So, as promised, I’m going to film a strategy video that helped my buddy learn to CRUSH the […]


Tennis Kick Serve – How to Add More Spin

One of the most deadly serves we can posses is a Kick Serve. Whether you’re a righty or a lefty, this serve can be absolutely devastating to our opponents. Before I get into this little lesson, I want to say this isn’t about ME. This is about you, it’s just the only way I really […]