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What’s Your Favorite Tennis Forehand Grip to Use?

This is real simple, and it’ll take like 5 seconds to answer:

What’s your favorite forehand grip to use?

– Continental?

– Eastern

– Semi-Western?

– Western?

– Extreme Western?

The reason I’m asking is that last year one of my teammates in league play
asked me to help him improve his forehand (he liked the way I hit the ball
and wanted to know how I did it), and with the simple changes we made,
he was able to turn his average forehand into one hell of a weapon. He’s
now one of the few people that make me nervous when I’m up at the net
against him.

So, if I get at least 30 responses, I’ll  make a video showing what changes we made so that you can add another weapon to your game.


Just leave a quick comment below about which forehand grip is your favorite to use.

Thanks & talk soon!


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76 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Tennis Forehand Grip to Use?”

  1. I use the eastern forehand as I have a topspin drive with less topspin then a western grip

  2. Paul says:

    I am a registered LTA Tennis Coach in the UK and use the Semi-Western grip.
    Thanks for your videos, they are not only a great source of help and information Tony, but inspiration as well.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Adam Markowitz says:


  4. matt says:


  5. John Irwin says:

    Eastern but moving west

  6. tim says:

    recently switched from easter to semi-western and hit has helped my game a lot

  7. Andy says:

    Semi western western split, this is used predominately used but like many have the ability to change when required

  8. john says:


  9. Dianne says:

    Continental…but trying semi-western

  10. john says:

    Well eastern as it gives the most flexibility – not as much topspin as semi or full western, but better to change grips for the backhand and volley – and of course its Roger Federer’s grip – alot depends of course on “your style” of play – I am all court so need the flexibility – if you camp out at the back just hitting groundies then this is not for you.

  11. Noah says:

    Mostly continental, but semi-western for high balls.

  12. Jo says:


  13. Sean says:


  14. Joseph says:

    From the baseline, I use the semi-western forehand for the most part. However, depending on how close I am to the net and/or how low or high the ball is, I will switch to the eastern, and even sometimes the continental. How’s this for confusion?

  15. Stephan says:

    Semi Westen and Left handed. Hit the ball high and with full power movement into the ball and enables you to generate a lot of spin cross or flat if so.

  16. david says:

    If your talking about a practise rally situation, then experiment . with all the grips. Real match when chasing on the run,, which is reality. then there is no time to think of grips, it has to be a natural reaction to the situation that y0ur in , at the that time

  17. Doren says:

    Between an Eastern and Semi-Western.

  18. Michael says:

    Continental, as I like to go to the net.

  19. John says:

    I use eastern mostly but am experimenting with semi western.

  20. Tom says says:

    usually semi western or hybrid semiwestern

  21. Peter says:

    Semi-western to western or there abouts – I am an old guy and used continental when young as I predominantly played on grass and other surfaces with low hitting zone – had to move the grip around when hard surfaces became more prevalent. I have been moving the grip further around but I think Western is about my limit. Focus on the impact with the ball is more important than the grip.

  22. Lou says:

    eastern forehand. usually play all court game and get to net as often as possible

  23. Steven says:

    I use mostly a Western, but it depends on the situation as I can easily change to a Semi-Western or an Eastern

  24. David says:

    I use the Eastern grip.

  25. Chris says:


  26. Rodrigo says:


  27. Steve L. says:

    Eastern like Federer but Semi western sometimes like Nadal

  28. C.J. says:

    Eastern grip…if it’s good enough for Federer, it’s good enough for me…

  29. Carl says:

    Eastern grip, I feel it is the best for all around play.

  30. Todd Scott says:

    this is awesome guys.. keep the comments coming. I like seeing that some of you guys & gals switch grips depending on the situation. very cool that we have some super-advanced players in our community!

  31. Razor says:

    I’m using the eastern grip, just like Federer :). I really like the way I can hit the ball with this grip.

  32. KA says:

    Semi-western, definately. Basically, its a matter of striking the ball as if with the palm of the hand. For high bouncing balls I turn the racket a little more towards full Western.

    Roger Federer using an Eastern grip – I don’t think so!

  33. Sergey says:

    Eastern for now. Semi-Western looks promising, but I feel like I don’t have enough palm behind it. Need to get comfortable with it somehow.

  34. Steve Carnley says:


  35. Calebe says:

    but it’s not quite comfortable for flat balls..

  36. Randall says:


  37. appollo says:

    Eastern when feeling comfortable and untop of my opponents, this is my default everyday grip. Western when struggling for consistency or facing an opponent who hits flat heavy low and fairly deep; this is my emergency grip.

  38. Ryan says:

    I use a continental but I would like to find the ideal grip for any situation in tennis without much fuss.

  39. KA says:

    Ok – I got it wrong about Federer’s grip. I reviewed some videos of his forehand & I have to agree it’s mostly – but not always – Eastern.
    That led me to recon&ider own grip preference. The gripo I usually use, is probably between eastern & semi-western. It’s strange how easy it is to assume you’re doing something you learnt some time ago, when it’s evolved into a different thing through regular play —

  40. yasuo says:


  41. Ry says:

    Eastern here.

  42. Alan says:

    Semi Western for myself.

  43. Nomad says:

    eastern all the way!

  44. Anna says:

    Eastern grip. It fits perfectly if you want variety to your game.

  45. Larry Kosowsky says:

    I use the Eastern grip for my forehand.

  46. Jojo Rev says:

    I like the semi-western for topspin. I get sharp pain in the elbow when I do the western grip.

  47. Gunther says:

    I prefer the semi-western grip for my service!

  48. Alex says:

    My favorite grip is the semi-western. Personally though, I lean towards the eastern w/ the semi-western because i think that the eastern offers a great feel of the racket head.

  49. karine says:

    I don’t have a favorite grip and that’s my problem coz I keep changing. I’ve been taught semi-western but my grip tends to turn slowly to full western until I can’t hit the ball anymore, then I pay attention to trying to open it a bit but it’s very uncomfortable. Plus I have a hard time changing my grip from full western to easten when I take the net and after every volley it closes a bit. any suggestion?

  50. Dorin says:

    My favorite forehand grip is Eastern

  51. Irene says:

    Eastern for most groundstrokes, continental for slice forehand and forehand volley.

  52. Charles says:

    My favorite forehand grip is also Eastern

  53. youssef says:


  54. Jose Roberto says:

    Uso a semi western – São Paulo – Brasil

  55. Matt says:

    I got an Eastern grip right now. I love it when i’m playing indoor and on fast hard court because it’s easy to pick up low balls and still something on it. Got to be honest though it’s a killer on clay as I can hit through it like a pro but without any spin the other guys time it like a dream. I’m happy with what I’ve got though – it came naturally!

    Btw – Nadal with a semi-western….. I don’t think so!! He has a ridiculously western grip. It’s why he follow through over and around his head to get a more solid contact and get the ball deep.

  56. Craig Mortenson says:

    I have used the eastern grip most of my life. For the last 5 years I have been moving toward a western grip. I am close to an extreme western grip where I do not change grips from backhand to forehand. I serve and play net with a continental grip.

  57. Thiago says:

    Extreme Western and tons of aggressive topspin and pace.

  58. Ray says:


  59. jun says:

    i run between an eastern and continental depending on the shots i’m working with. still trying to learn the western so i can add the topspin.

  60. Craig says:

    I use the semi-western but grip is less important than stance, shoulders, and relationship of your body to the ball. Move your feet to arrive at perfect hitting position, square your shoulders to the net, and whether closed or open stance, always keep one foot anchored. It is also very important to use your off hand as both a range finder and as leverage to get your shoulders square to the net.

  61. albesca says:

    fh: semi western
    top spin bh : bh-eastern
    slice bh : continental
    first serve and over head: continental
    second service : bh-eastern
    volleys : continental


  62. David says:


  63. EDUARDO says:

    semiwestern and eastern forehand and continental depending the ball and the point

  64. harlan miller says:

    I have moved from a traditional eastern forehand grip, closer to a semi-western, could call it an extreme eastern. But of course when not hitting groundstrokes, I much prefer my continental for everything else; serve, volleys, slice f/h and b/h, lobs, dropshots. so, my answer is extreme eastern for groundies and swing volleys, and naturally continental for everything else.

  65. John says:

    I shake hands with my racket for a forehand and rotate my hand slightly counterclockwise for a backhand so I guess that is an eastern grip. I grew up playing on clay in the east so it figures.

  66. harlan miller says:

    extreme eastern forehand for groundies and swing volleys, continental for most other shots

  67. harlan miller says:

    extreme eastern forehand for groundies and swing volleys, continental for most other shots

  68. harlan miller says:

    extreme eastern forehand for groundies and swing volleys, continental for most other shots

  69. harlan miller says:

    extreme eastern forehand for groundies and swing volleys, continental for most other shots

  70. rudess says:


  71. Dany says:

    Eastern. When you watch Federer play, do you really need to think twice? Not me :)

  72. Gerard says:

    I have taught semi western, get the picture about continental being able to be hit later,slice approaches etc but my grip of choice is the one used by pistol Pete Sampras, the eastern forehand which for me gives me the best mix of power, topspin, contact point and control! Always keen to learn more. Thanks GJ

  73. Ann says:

    How do I know? Taken many lessons the past 9 years but no one has ever told me. Is there a chart somewhere?

  74. Georges says:

    I use a western grip for the forehand

  75. Lou De says:

    semi-western forhand. catch the ball out in front – but I often change due to height and positioning of the ball

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