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High Bouncing Kick Serve

Below is a video from around 2007  that I found on my hard drive last week. I was mainly just goofing off, because I never really intended to show anyone these clips – so hopefully the angle isn’t too bad. You may be able to notice that I get a pretty high kick, which is extremely effective against opponents, especially if you’re able to vary the spin & placement to keep them off balance.

I’ve played against guys all the way up to USTA 5.0 rating, and even they have an extremely hard time returning this serve (I have no clue how fast it is, but it’s on my to do list to get it clocked).

Believe it or not, the only person I’ve played against that’s been able to just own me when I’m serving was a 3.5 level girl of all people. No offense ladies, but I was absolutely baffled to the point of getting pissed, because this chick drilled back everything I threw at her. I’d never seen anything like it before and I’ve played some pretty stiff competition.

Here’s the short clip (2 serves back to back):

Like I said, if you can develop a good kick serve, you’ll have a weapon that not many folks will be able to handle.

Add power & speed to your kicker, and you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

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Todd – Advisor, Men’s Fitness magazine

P.S. I’ve got something cool for you in my next email that will help you develop as much power and spin on your serve as you want. So MAKE SURE you open it.

P.P.S. While my girlfriend is off at the courts practicing, I’m about to do this conditioning workout in my back yard in preps for spring Tennis:  Tennis Training Workouts

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2 Responses to “High Bouncing Kick Serve”

  1. Jose Roberto says:

    Grande efeito no serviço

  2. Dutch says:

    Good grip and good kick serve. Nice FAVICON!

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