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Tennis Training: The Burpee 300

Huge tennis training challenge for you today… it’s called the Burpee 300. It’s a super simple – no thinking required – tennis conditioning workout. If you’re like me and just like intense training without having to think about “what’s next?”, then you’re going to LOVE this workout.

Here are the guidelines. You’ll start at #1, and complete the prescribed # of reps or time, and immediately move to #2. You’ll continue until you’ve completed each exercise 5 times each.

That’s 1 Set. Rest 2 minutes, and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

The Burpee 300

The Burpee 300

Here’s Your Challenge:

1. Burpee x 20 reps
2. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
3. Burpee x 20 reps
4. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
5. Burpee x 20 reps
6. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
7. Burpee x 20 reps
8. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds
9. Burpee x 20 reps
10. Jump Rope x 30 Seconds

When you have completed this workout, you will have performed 2 1/2  minutes of jumping rope, and a total of 300 repetitions of the Burpee. The Challenge is to see how FAST you can complete this 300 Workout.

Video Demonstrations can be viewed here (opens in a new window):


Jump Rope

Once you’ve completed the Burpee 300, leave a comment below and let us know how you did!

Talk Soon!


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