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Nadal vs. Djokovic U.S. Open Finals 2010

Alrighty, Djokovic just beat Federer in the semis, so now we’ve got Rafael Nadal Vs. Novak Djokovic in the 2010 US Open Finals, Who do YOU think will win?

Nadal vs. Djokovic US Open 2010

Nadal vs. Djokovic US Open 2010

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Tennis Training

Roger Federer Between the Legs Shot

Check out Roger’s latest Trick Shot (US Open 2010):

Do you think this is the best shot of his life? Tell us what you think in the comments section below

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Tennis Training

On Court Tennis Conditioning

Running sprints and intervals at seperate times of the day than your tennis practice is effective, but nothing really compares to conditioning during practice. It’s good for several reasons:

1) It gives us a sense of fatigue that we’ll feel during the match

2) It’ll give us a good idea of how we’ll feel during a grueling match (so we’ll be used to it)

3) It allows us to practice Focusing.

Number 3 is the kicker. When we’re tired, it’s easy to lose focus. When we practice WHILE we’re tired & huffing and puffing it allows us to practice pushing through the pain of fatigue for mental focus.

Here’s a quick drill we can do, very similar to the Tennis Court Drills in yesterday’s blog post, except we’ll be using a partner to feed us some balls at the end of each rep.

Here’s the Drill (You’ll need a partner on the other side of the next with some balls):

Tennis Conditioning

Tennis Conditioning

1) Start at the baseline (A)

2) Sprint to the Tee (B)

3) Shuffle to either the right or left singles line

4) Shuffle to the opposite singles line

5) Shuffle back to the Tee (B)

As you’re reaching the Tee, you’ll begin back pedaling to the baseline. As soon as you begin shifting directions, your partner across the net will feed you an over head.

Complete 8-10 Rounds alternating groundstrokes & overheads.

As you become more and more fatigued, you’ll notice your focus wavering, this is when we should concentrate the most in an attempt to hit the shot across the net. It’ll pay off big time when we’re in a crucial match.

To add difficulty, set up cones on the opposite sides of the net to target your shots.

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Tennis Conditioning Tips

Tennis Court Drills

One of the easiest ways to improve your tennis game is to work on your footspeed and movement on the court with Tennis Court Drills. We don’t have to spend a TON of time working on this, because a little each week will dramatically improve our movement.

Here’s a simple but very effective drill we can do either on the court or at our homes that takes just a few minutes to complete. It’s called the Tennis T-Shuffle Drill:

Tennis Court Drills

Here’s how to do it if you’re on a tennis court:

1) Start at point A (at the baseline if you’re on a tennis court)

2) Sprint to point B (the Tee)

3) Shuffle to left to point C (Left Singles Line)

4) Shuffle right to point D (Right Singles Line)

5) Shuffle left to point B (Center Tee)

6) Back pedal from point B to point A (Baseline)

That’s one round.

Complete 6-10 rounds of this Tennis Court Drill 3 Times per week.

This is a really simple tennis drill, but you’ll see dramatic improvement in your footwork on the courts within just a few weeks.

Give it a shot!

’til next time, Train Hard & Win Easy!

Todd Scott
Training Advisor Men’s Fitness Magazine
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Awesome Stretch for Tennis

Have you ever played a real tough match only to wake up the next day
with killer stiffness and pain in the sides of your hips? It feels like WORK just to lift your foot off the ground or move it from side to side…

If you’re like me, you have, and it’s not just a pain in the hip –

It’s a pain in the a**…

Fix the pain with this post match stretching.

1. Walk over to the fence and place both hands on the rail

2. Slightly bend both knees

3. Place your right ankle on your left knee

4. Slowly bend your left knee and Lower your hips toward the ground

Here’s a quick video showing you exactly how to do it:

5. Hold for 8-10 seconds and switch legs

6. Repeat 2-4 times

This stretch really hits your hips and will work out the lactic acid build up during your match.

The next morning, if you’re still stiff, take a hot shower and repeat The stretch *immediately* afterwards.

The hot water from your shower will loosen up your muscles and actually
allow you to get a deeper stretch with less risk of injury.

Important note: This stretch also doubles as a pre-competition Tennis stretch to loosen up your hips. Perform 2-3 sets of 8-10 seconds before hitting the courts.

Have fun!


Tennis Conditioning Drills

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