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Roddick-Like Power for your Tennis Serve

Crushing Serves at 100+ mph is easy if we have the strength, the power, and the technique to pull it off.

For advanced club players, there is only so much we can do to work on technique to add extra pop to our serve – short of breaking down a video analysis of our serving motion. Once we get to a certain level, improving our game becomes a matter of  inches where we have to fine tune several small parts of our game to see a big improvement.

When it comes to serving, there are 2 main components to hitting a bone crushing serve: our ball toss & our strength and power.

The ball toss tweak is fairly simple. When I want to really smoke a serve, I just simply toss the ball further out into the court. By doing this we’re forced to lean into the ball in order to reach the proper contact point for it to go in. This creates huge leverage and gives us the momentum to literally crush it. It may take a little practice to find the exact contact point if we’re not used to tossing the ball into the court. Timing is the KEY. If your timing is off by a millisecond the ball will either sail out or v-line straight into the net.

Developing strength and power is a little more tricky, because it’s not just a single muscle group that has to be trained, but several… and they need to be able to work together to generate massive racquet head speed at contact.

The 5 Main muscles that are responsible for generating torque in the serve are the:




Legs (quads & hamstrings)


With precise training, you can add 1-2 mph on your serve in a matter of weeks. I have a Tennis Workout designed specifically to target your serve, and you can have it for FREE.


Want more…


On the Next Page, I’ll show you how to CRUSH your serve at will. Here’s some of what you’ll discover how to:

  • Train the 7 Major Muscle groups responsible for generating Velocity on your serve
  • Find the Weak Link in your Service Motion (And How to Fix It)
  • Focus on the 2 major Muscles responsible for Bone Crushing Power and Wind Breaking Spin (gotta see this)
  • Generate Dominating Power, even when you’re dead tired
  • Plus you’ll get a FULL BLOWN Serving Workout that you can start using right now that’s designed to help you generate TONS of power & Spin to blast serves by your opponent regardless if it’s your 1st or 2nd serve!

This is all on the next page.

But before you download your FREE Killer Serve Workout Manual, all I ask is that you click the Facebook “Like” button located at the top or bottom of this post…

Then simply click the Next Page Button below:



til Next Time, Train Hard & Win Easy!

Todd Scott

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  1. Ry says:

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    I would like the workout to improve power on my serve

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    I would like the workout to have a faster and better serve.

  8. Georges says:

    I toss the ball in the court for my first serve, and over my head to slice the ball for the second…

  9. Tom says says:

    even Rafa improved latetly i sure could use a little help 4 sure

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    I would love to serve stronger and harder.

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    I want more speed!

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    Excellent, a great way to start the year with a new workout, for a important part of the game: the serve.

  21. Ray says:

    Sweet what ever helps.

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    Would love to improve my serve!

  24. Todd Scott says:

    Awesome guys, halfway there.

  25. terry says:

    Nice one. Your articles normally make very interesting reading but I need more than just 2mph improvement please ;->

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    i go for it

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    More speed … and cowbell!

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    Very good points for improving serve.

    Thanks for your post

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    what a way to start the year. Bring it on. Thanks

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    can’t seem to open it???

  53. ff says:

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  55. Tami says:

    I definitely need help with my serve. More speed and strength would be great!

  56. KA says:

    5 more than 50! C’mon!

  57. Todd Scott says:

    Looks like we’ve hit our goal :-) so, as promised I’ll be serving you up a workout for your serve, expect an email from me soon with the details. Thanks everyone who has commented so far!


  58. aLBEROST says:

    A work out on serve is always welcome

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    Thanks -v useful. More lower,mid body than I expected. Would be nice to know what muscle groups can be affected if serving with poor technique –

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