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Tennis Training – They’ve Got it All Wrong?

Tennis ConditioningConditioning for Tennis can get confusing. Over the years it’s been passed downby”gurus” that long slow conditioning is the best thing to do to improve speed, agility, and overall oncourt conditioning performance.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tennis is a game of short intense bursts of speed and power. Sure, you’ll need “stamina”, but not the type of stamina 3-5 mile runs will give you.

Take a sprinter, for example. They don’t train for speed by hopping out on the road or on a track and running miles and miles at a time.

A sprinter trains in short sprints of 10-200 meters at a time. They Train for their sport. It wouldn’t make sense for them to run for long distance, because it’ll train their muscles for getting really good at running miles and miles at a time.

The same holds true for long distance runners. They don’t practice sprinting, they practice long distance running. If their next meet is a 26 1/2 mile marathon, they’ll train by running 30-50 miles at a time. Because it trains their muscles to endure long periods at a time of slow steady running.

Since tennis is a sport of short intense bursts, the best thing for tennis conditioning is interval training. Practice short bursts with little rests, and you’ll see improvement on the courts almost immediately. It’ll help you not only catch your breath faster, but you’ll be more in tune and able to focus on each point one at a time. Your mind won’t be on the pain, it’ll be on hitting your next Winner!!

If you don’t have a place to perform interval training for your tennis conditioning, the Tennis Matrix programs were designed for this very purpose.

In fact, many tennis fans have written in about how the Tennis Matrix has dramatically improved their game and allowed them to beat players they’ve never beaten before because now they can focus on their technique and strategy during a match as opposed to focusing on Catching their breath.

It’s amazing what a little bit of tennis specific conditioning for tennis can do.

Check it out:

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Tennis Training

3 Responses to “Tennis Training – They’ve Got it All Wrong?”

  1. John says:

    finish the ultimate tennis fitness guide and I am sure to improve. Paid for it, so please finish it

  2. Peter says:

    It seems impossible to get any contact with you by mail Todd. I have sent you several mails regarding “The Ultimate Tennis Fitness Guide” but never received any answer.

    Like John above, I have paid for it and still waits for it to be completed.

  3. Todd Scott says:

    Hey Peter & John,

    The program is very close to being finished, so the wait is almost over. Sorry it’s taken so long, but like I said it was a pre-sale deal and it wasn’t complete (hence the term pre-sale), and then when the program was 99% done, it was wiped from my computer, so I had to completely redo EVERYTHING.

    Sorry again. Talk soon.


    Watch your inbox, I’ll be sending over the Tennis Guide very soon.

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